Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Princess Sunshine ~ Crafted Project

Princess Sunshine turned 17 today :) It was a BUSY day as she has been at Theater Camp this week and today was the Finale and Performance. It was good day, and we are all looking forward to a lazier day tomorrow :)

For her birthday I was inspired by the tutorial on this blog and immediately went searching ebay for an elongated Penny...and found a Brontosaurus one (she used to REALLY be into dinosaurs) that was perfect. I found a fun belt at Goodwill and bought the other items needed...and crafted away (it was a quick and easy project).

I chose to use a chunkier belt than the tutorial shows as I thought it would be a belt she would like. The woven belt just called her name when I walked past it in the store...those wimpy little belts didn't stand a chance once I spotted this one.

BTW, she loves it (at least she says she does).

Now to figure out why some music is freezing up her new MP3 player...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sun Painting Fabric

Since Princess Sunshine is at Theater Camp this week, The Boybarian and I are working on some projects that I just won't get to during the school year (looks like they both have demanding studies this year!).

Using the instructions found here, we mixed up the paint (I only had one color) and painted it on our fabric. Then we placed various things on top of the fabric and set it out into the sun.

After the fabric dried, we took everything off and admired our fabric (and found some interesting effects).

The leaves worked out great, my favorite being the ferns. The smashed marble things were interesting. When they were over cheescloth, they intensified the weave.

My favorite spots on The Boybarian's fabric were from the string of fake pearls and some coin dangles that I found in a drawer, they gave a really cool effect, don't you think?

Princess Sunshine wants to do some of her own...she'll have to wait until Theater Camp is over!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Design Wall Monday 7-26-10 (and an update on last week's DWM project)

I have two more blocks done for the Boybarian's quilt.

I am starting to feel guilty that I'm making all these quilt for other people and the only mama made quilt he has is a little I-Spy I made when he was much smaller. He should have a bed quilt made by me! So, I will work on these blocks in between all of the other quilts that have deadlines - BEFORE I start any other projects, I want to have his top done :) That should give me incentive as I've been pulling fabrics out for two more quilts that I'd like to get working on!

For more design wall inspiration visit all the design walls linked at Patchwork Times.

I have the top finished for This Guy's Quilt that was in the beginning stages last week. Sorry about the cruddy picture, but the boybarian was holding it for me (I have a tiny design wall) and his arms just aren't long enough. I'm thankful he was willing to help me out so I could show it to you!

This week I plan to spend some quality time with the Voyager and this will be third or fourth in the quilting queue, so I might even have it quilted in the next ten days...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I searched all week

I have been searching ALL week for the fabric I used to bind this quilt. I needed to make 8" more binding so I could finish it off and send it to the recipient. It was very frustrating because I knew I had it and thought I had put it with the quilt - but no! I was too organized and had it folded and put away with my stash, tucked under other fabrics where I couldn't see it.

So, here it is. It is from the pattern Spin Cycle by Bethany Reynolds. I made mine one row shorter as I didn't care for how some of the blocks turned out.

You can find the pattern here for free. It is very user friendly for a stack and whack pattern and I highly recommend it for those who want to get their feet wet trying the technique.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Design Wall 7-19-10

I have started yet another quilt...for This Guy (The Peanut's boyfriend).

The Peanut told me his favorite colors are black, silver and red...I had purchased an antique looking map print and pulled the black and grey from my stash, just had to buy a red as all my reds were too feminine *sigh* or too small a piece for the throw quilt.

I thought this would be easy to put together. I have all the blocks cut out and am working on the striped pieces. I have to trim the rest of the Square in a Square blocks and then on to the sashing and borders. I should have the top done this week and maybe get it quilted next week (it won't be first in the queue).

I wish I could show you another one I am working on, but it is a twisted mystery and I don't know whose fabrics I have and would hate to spoil the surprise so early in the game! 

Check out other design walls at Patchwork Times!

Monday, July 12, 2010

White Bag Challenge

While I was off on vacation, going to the Shipshewana Quilt Show, my group had a White Bag Challenge.

This was a great challenge last year, so we wanted to try it again. I made a doll quilt from my challenge fabrics last year and this year I'll make a small lap quilt (I think).

I started out with a snowman FQ that I had in my stash. I hadn't done anything with it, but it made me happy, so into the white bag it went.

After that, the bag was passed on to the next person in our group and they had to add a FQ to coordinate with my original FQ. We would pass the bag on to the next person after each quilt shop until all of us had a chance to add a coordinating FQ to each bag.

When we got our white bags back I had a group of fabrics that I must have put together into something by our next get together in October.

I have purchased one more gold fabric and might use a simple pattern for eight FQs...if I can find it while unpacking!