Saturday, January 9, 2010

Working out of my comfort zone

I am working on a Mystery Quilt. As in, I have designed one in EQ and am now writing up instructions and testing them. I am not totally sure about what I am doing and I'm feeling uptight about it. The weird thing is, I feel like I have to do it :P It is in my head, screaming (loudly) to be let out.

Is that weird, or what?

These are the fabrics that I have chosen to use. I had it drawn up in blues that just made my heart sing...but I don't have large pieces of blue fabric! How could I not have large pieces of my favorite color in the whole world?!?!

So, I dug around and found these fabrics that met the yardage requirements. What do you think?

Maybe next week I'll have the whole top done and can count this pile for my stash (HA!) but I won't post pics until I'm giving out clues :)

Happy stitches!

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