Saturday, January 23, 2010

This morning I got to play with my machine :)

I hadn't used my quilting machine since before Thanksgiving and tops have been piling up. I put this one on last weekend, but had a busy week and had to ignore it *sob*

So, today I quilted the quilt...not that it was hard! In fact I am already done and it is in the washing machine (I like to block them before binding). I might be able to start a second one this afternoon after I get off the computer.

I used my old standby freemotion design ...swirls. I think I could do this design in my sleep! I used a variegated purple thread.

Yes, I have a Voyager 17 by Hinterberg. I do not have a stitch regulator or any other bells and whistles. So I have to control the stitch length all by my lonesome. That is OK with me for now. When I test drove machines a few years back, I always felt that the stitch regulators were holding me back. It was a weird feeling that I didn't feel I needed to pay extra for.

Someday, I will trade up and I will most likely go with a stitch regulator at that time. I do see how it would be a handy bell (or is it a whistle?) to have on my machine.

What will I upgrade to? I have no clue. Most likely it will be another smaller machine in the 18-20" range as I don't want to take up too much more room that I already am taking up! The frames are definitely space hogs.

I will test drive various machines when I go to Paducah in April for the AQS show. I'll make sure I don't drool on any of them in case you follow behind me :P

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Laurel H. said...

I LIKE this quilt!